Silversmithing Workshop with Beate Leonards

Corpus – Making a beaker
Leksand (Sweden)
24.07.2017 – 28.07.2017

Welcome to a workshop for making beakers in silver, brass or copper.

While hammering a beaker from a flat sheet of metal you will learn the basic techniques of silversmithing.
You will discover the fascination of forming corpus objects with a hammer. During this workshop your will also get an orientation and understanding for the functional and esthetic aspects in the making of a beaker in silver and other metals. How to relate to warm and cold drinks in the beaker, how it feels to put the beaker edge to the mouth and how the thickness of the metal affect the experience of drinking from the beaker for example.

This workshop is open for all levels. Basic skills in metalsmithing is helpful. Advanced participants and metal smiths are welcome. As you will work with your own ideas you will have the possibility to design beakers you are able to realise. The German silversmith and artist Beate Leonards, one of the most skilled metalsmiths in Europe, will accompany/assist in the planning and the technical process of making beakers.

The workshop will be held in English. Beate Leonards speaks Danish and does understand Swedish.

For further information about the course, the location and about Beate Leonards, visit the website.