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Application Hammerclub Exhibition 2020
Open up

Anmeldung HammerClub Ausstellung 2020
Open up

We invite you to participate with your current and of course best piece to our exhibition ‘Open Up’- contemporary silverwork art. As you can see from the title of the exhibition, it is all about silverware. If your work contains other materials then silver or material combinations, but you consider them to be representative, then we stand open to all good works.
Wir bitten euch zu unserer Ausstellung ‘Open Up’- zeitgenössische Silberkunst ihre aktuellen und natürlich besten Stück einzusenden. Wie Sie dem Titel der Ausstellung entnehmen können, dreht sich alles um Silberwaren. Für den Fall, dass ihr aktuell in anderen Materialen oder Materialkombinationen arbeitet und diese für stimmig und repräsentativ erachtet, sind wir dahingehend für alle guten Arbeiten offen.

Different colours of contemporary silverwork

On the occasion off the 19th Silver Triennial DIVA invited some prominent national and international silversmiths to come and talk about their work. With the exhibition of the Silver Triennial we are looking to draw attention to and promote silversmithing today by showcasing new design ideas for hollow- and flatware. Objects like vases, dishes and cutlery illustrate the trends and innovations in silversmithing in terms of concepts, technique and design. Particularly striking in this edition are smaller objects that are both decorative and technically refined. Design takes precedence over function: what appears to be normal utility objects would in practice prove less suited to the purpose. Silver as a material is elevated to an art form. During this symposium, we let craftsmen and -women speak about some of these objects and ideas.
The program includes Juliane Schölß, winner of the 19th Silver Triennial. She will talk about her winning ensemble of colourful cups. The two Belgian candidates David Huycke and Helena Schepens will both give an artist talk. They will discuss their submissions and go into techniques and concepts used. Naama Haneman will talk about her tactile silverworks and Simone ten Hompel, silversmith and jury member of the 19th Silver Triennial, will talk about striking trends in silversmithing and will discuss some of her key works.

10:30 – registration and coffee
11:00 – artist talk by Naama Haneman
11:45 – artist talk by Helena Schepens
12:30 – lunch
14:00 – artist talk by Juliane Schölß
14:45 – conversation Simone ten Hompel and Tom Iriks
15:30 – break
16:00 – artist talk by David Huycke
16:45 – final remarks
17:00 – reception

Practical information
Language: English
Participation fee: € 50 (students € 25), including museum admission, drinks and sandwiches.

28.03.2020 – DIVA, Antwerpen (B).

Opus Interrasile – piercing techniques applied in silver

Masterclass Helena Schepens

DIVA invites silversmith Helena Schepens for a four-day masterclass on piercing techniques applied in silver. Eight candidates (professional silver- and goldsmiths, jewellery designers or ambitious students) can participate in this fascinating masterclass.

About the masterclass
The Latin term Opus Interrasile is derived from the verb interradere, meaning ‘to scrape in between’, which describes the perforations made on a sheet of precious metal. This technique produces delicate, complex openwork designs that resemble lace and give gold- and silverwork a certain lightness and transparency.
Helena Schepens will share her knowledge on how to open-up a silver surface with a lively and vibrant pattern using different piercing techniques. In what manner a silver object becomes open and transparent, emphasizing the contrast between the removed and remaining material, will be covered in depth during the masterclass. To achieve a delicate result in this rather simple technique, great skill and care are required.
This masterclass is for professional silversmiths, makers, jewellery and crafts artists, as well as ambitious students who are interested in this technique. Participants are expected to have competent bench skills and an open and inquisitive attitude.

Helena Schepens
Helena Schepens (°1981) studied silversmithing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and at the Royal College of Art in London. Since 2007 she runs her own workshop in Antwerp, Belgium. Helena is an internationally renowned silversmith. She won the Rotary International Award for Silversmithing in 2004, the Goldsmith’s Company Award for Silversmithing and The New Designers Award in 2006. She became a finalist in the Loewe Craft Prize 2017.

Only 8 candidates can participate in the masterclass, so we would like to hear your motivation for participating in the masterclass. Registrations are open until 1st of March 2020.
The museum will put together a team of experts to make a selection from the candidates. You will receive a reply before the 4th of March 2020.

Practical information
Language: English
Participation fee: €600 (excl. VAT) (including a daily lunch, one evening dinner, access to the museum and symposium 28.03.2020.
Further enquiries:

23.03.2020 – 26.03.2020, 10:00 – 17:00 : Studio DIVA, Antwerpen (B)

Werkzeuge + Kugeln

Donnerstag 13. Februar 2020 findet das Designgespräch ‘Werkzeuge + Kugeln – riskante Vorhaben in der Gestaltung’ statt in der Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern. Die Referenten sind David Huycke, Silberschmied und Prof. MAD School of Art Hasselt (B), und Nils Hint, Schmied und Prof. Akademie der Künste Tallinn (EE).
Der Eintritt ist kostenfrei. Anmeldung bitte bis 12.02.2020 an: Akademie für Gestaltung und Design,

13.02.2020 18 Uhr : Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern, München (D).

Crafting the 21st Century UK Artisan-Silversmith

At the last HammerClub meeting in Dundee Dr Gordon Hamme introduced a short summary of his PhD thesis Crafting the 21st UK Artisan-Silversmith: Exploring the Elements of a Silversmith Development Framework. A number of people expressed interest in reading the final document, and now a link to it is published on the HammerClub website.
Continue reading Crafting the 21st Century UK Artisan-Silversmith

Friedrich Becker Prize 2020

Call for entries

Application for the Frieserich Becker Prize 2020 is open.
In awarding the Friedrich-Becker-Prize the Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V. (Society of Goldsmiths‘ Art) commemorates this extraordinary man and great designer Friedrich Becker, and following his path it is given to the very best of our generation of designers. The prize is awarded for originality, exceptional design and highest execution of craftsmanship.
Submissions should be jewelry or hollow/flatware, either one-of-a-kind or a prototype for serial production with an innovative character. The inclusion of new materials and techniques is equally as desirable as the utilization of the classic materials for jewelry, hollow- and flatware design.

Jury Members:
Sam Tho Duong, goldsmith, jewelry designer, Pforzheim
Cornelie Holzach M.A., museum director, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim
Prof. Andrea Wippermann, diploma designer, Hochschule Wismar/Design Faculty

  • The prize is endowed with € 10.000 donated by Friedrich Becker’s widow Hildegard Becker (1928–2018)
  • Participation fee: € 45,00
  • The works must be produced in the last three years.
  • Deadline to enter photos is 14.02.2020

Further information and registration:

Website about the work of Friederich Becker.


Die aktuelle Ausgabe der Zeitschrift KircheKunst beschäftigt sich mit Silberschmieden im Bereich Vasa Sacra. Grundlage dazu war das HammerClub Treffen 2018 in Hanau.

A publication on contemporary church silver was published (unfortunately only in German).

Exemplare können für € 8,00 zuzüglich Versandkosten in der Redaktion: Pfarrer Markus Geißendörfer, Plancks. 8, D 63741 Aschaffenburg, Tel.: (0049)6021 87134, E-Mail: bestellt werden.