Masterclass embossing techniques

Studio DIVA in Antwerp (B) is giving a masterclass embossing techniques wit Patrick Storme. Embossing is a technique used to shape precious metal and apply decoration. Rather than striking the metal with a hammer, the silversmith uses a punch to refine the form of the article and add subtle detail, ornamentation or figures. If you are a professional silver or goldsmith, jewellery designer or student with a good grounding, sign up for our masterclass by September 27th and draw inspiration from master silversmith Patrick Storme. The spoken language of the masterclass is Dutch.

Practical information
The masterclass will take place at Studio DIVA from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm; Saturday 31 October – Wednesday 4 November. The number of participants is limited to 6. Applying is possible until 28 September.
Cost of the workshop: € 550 (incl. lunch and entry to the museum; excl. VAT).

For all further enquiries please visit the DIVA website or email:

Isabelle Enders 9th Hanau City Goldsmith

Every two years the City of Hanau appoints a City Goldsmith, who spends a number of weeks working in Hanau at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie and holding a workshop for the students there. In August the jury chose Isabelle Enders(* Nuremberg 1979) to be the City Goldsmith for 2021.
A silversmith by training, Isabelle Enders is committed to functional ware. She has a particular predilection for pepper and salt grinders: classic everyday utensils that are still mandatory features on the table or in the kitchen today. The artist impressively shows us that this ubiquitously familiar equipment can be transformed into a whole array of art objects that function.

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Workshop forging silver spoons

Due to the Covid-19 virus precautionary measures the workshop is cancelled

Studio DIVA in Antwerp (B) is giving a workshop forging spoons. During this workshop you will learn the basic techniques for forging a silver spoon. You start from a bar of silver that is gradually forged into a shape using an anvil and a heavy forging hammer. You will learn step by step everything about how to shape and finish your spoon. No prior knowledge is required for the workshop and it is suitable for beginners and those with some experience. You would be well advised to sign up without delay, because places are limited to 6 a day.
The workshop is given by silversmith Max Gielis (° 1977), who is a teacher at the RHoK Academy in Brussels and worked as an independent silversmith for i.a. Gijs Bakker and Koen Wijngaerden.

Practical information
The workshop will take place at Studio DIVA from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm. Participants choose at least two days from the available dates (Monday 24 till Friday 28 of August 2020) and register for the workshop via the online ticket shop of DIVA. The places are limited to 6 participants a day. Do you want to register for more than two days? Just select the extra days you want in the online ticket shop.
Cost of the workshop: € 105 a day (10% discount for friends of DIVA). Materials to make one spoon are included. If you want to make several spoons, you can purchase materials from DIVA or bring your own.

For all further enquiries please visit the DIVA website or email:

Jessica Jue – look behind the scene

In a video created for the London Craft Week Vitrual Preview in cooperation with Contemporary Britsh Silvesmith, Jessica Jue gives a behind the scenes look into her studio and demonstrates techniques key to her practice, including hammering and gilding.
Jessica reinvents traditional techniques in silver to craft elegantly beautiful contemporary designs. Inspired by balance and harmony, she draws and sculpts with dramatic use of fluid and organic curves, and aims to create a sense of rhythmic movement within her collection. She skillfully manipulates her forms through the ancient art of hammering, while also introducing an abundance of rich surface textures, through the use of pattern and gold.

Watch the video (opens in a new screen)

Gustave Keller

My name is Jonas Obadia and I am located in Paris. Recently I bought an old parisian silversmithing company called Gustave Keller. This company used to be famous back in the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. By recovering this brand, I want to create a series of items in sterling silver for daily use and to reform Gustave Keller into a contemporary brand that once again makes great silver objects for everyday life.
At the moment I am looking for silversmiths to help me effectuate some of the prototypes. If you are interested, please let me know and I will send you a presentation of the history of Gustave Keller and some project ideas.
+33 6 23 01 71 14

Looking for an internship

Hi! My name is Renee Broeksteeg, I am a thirth year silversmith student at the Vakschool in Schoonhoven (NL). I am a very curious person who loves to learn new things, hence I am looking for an internship abroad, preferably somewhere in the UK or Germany. The internship has a duration of 42 weeks, officialy starting as of April 20, 2020. If there is anyone who can help me out, please contact me!

Renee Broeksteeg
+31 6 11 58 49 88

Different colours of contemporary silverwork

Due to the Covid-19 virus precautionary measures the symposium is cancelled

On the occasion off the 19th Silver Triennial DIVA invited some prominent national and international silversmiths to come and talk about their work. With the exhibition of the Silver Triennial we are looking to draw attention to and promote silversmithing today by showcasing new design ideas for hollow- and flatware. Objects like vases, dishes and cutlery illustrate the trends and innovations in silversmithing in terms of concepts, technique and design. Particularly striking in this edition are smaller objects that are both decorative and technically refined. Design takes precedence over function: what appears to be normal utility objects would in practice prove less suited to the purpose. Silver as a material is elevated to an art form. During this symposium, we let craftsmen and -women speak about some of these objects and ideas.
The program includes Juliane Schölß, winner of the 19th Silver Triennial. She will talk about her winning ensemble of colourful cups. The two Belgian candidates David Huycke and Helena Schepens will both give an artist talk. They will discuss their submissions and go into techniques and concepts used. Naama Haneman will talk about her tactile silverworks and Simone ten Hompel, silversmith and jury member of the 19th Silver Triennial, will talk about striking trends in silversmithing and will discuss some of her key works.

10:30 – registration and coffee
11:00 – artist talk by Naama Haneman
11:45 – artist talk by Helena Schepens
12:30 – lunch
14:00 – artist talk by Juliane Schölß
14:45 – conversation Simone ten Hompel and Tom Iriks
15:30 – break
16:00 – artist talk by David Huycke
16:45 – final remarks
17:00 – reception

Practical information
Language: English
Participation fee: € 50 (students € 25), including museum admission, drinks and sandwiches.

28.03.2020 – DIVA, Antwerpen (B).

Opus Interrasile – piercing techniques applied in silver

Due to the Covid-19 virus precautionary measures the workshop is cancelled

Masterclass Helena Schepens

DIVA invites silversmith Helena Schepens for a four-day masterclass on piercing techniques applied in silver. Eight candidates (professional silver- and goldsmiths, jewellery designers or ambitious students) can participate in this fascinating masterclass.

About the masterclass
The Latin term Opus Interrasile is derived from the verb interradere, meaning ‘to scrape in between’, which describes the perforations made on a sheet of precious metal. This technique produces delicate, complex openwork designs that resemble lace and give gold- and silverwork a certain lightness and transparency.
Helena Schepens will share her knowledge on how to open-up a silver surface with a lively and vibrant pattern using different piercing techniques. In what manner a silver object becomes open and transparent, emphasizing the contrast between the removed and remaining material, will be covered in depth during the masterclass. To achieve a delicate result in this rather simple technique, great skill and care are required.
This masterclass is for professional silversmiths, makers, jewellery and crafts artists, as well as ambitious students who are interested in this technique. Participants are expected to have competent bench skills and an open and inquisitive attitude.

Helena Schepens
Helena Schepens (°1981) studied silversmithing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and at the Royal College of Art in London. Since 2007 she runs her own workshop in Antwerp, Belgium. Helena is an internationally renowned silversmith. She won the Rotary International Award for Silversmithing in 2004, the Goldsmith’s Company Award for Silversmithing and The New Designers Award in 2006. She became a finalist in the Loewe Craft Prize 2017.

Only 8 candidates can participate in the masterclass, so we would like to hear your motivation for participating in the masterclass. Registrations are open until 1st of March 2020.
The museum will put together a team of experts to make a selection from the candidates. You will receive a reply before the 4th of March 2020.

Practical information
Language: English
Participation fee: €600 (excl. VAT) (including a daily lunch, one evening dinner, access to the museum and symposium 28.03.2020.
Further enquiries:

23.03.2020 – 26.03.2020, 10:00 – 17:00 : Studio DIVA, Antwerpen (B)