Introduction to embossing

Mid August the Antwerp based silversmith Patrick Storme organizes workshops in the basics of embossing. The setup is a question-and-answer session with demonstrations of what is being explained. In these sessions, the participants will not practice themselves, but get to know what is really important to understand the embossing and the possibilities, what you want to achieve yourself, which tools are required for this, and so on.
After these introductory sessions, hands-on workshops are possible at the candidate level.

Three days are planned: Saturday 14.8, Wednesday 18.8 and Friday 20.8, each from 9 AM until 1 PM (the times and exact content will be discussed after application). 3 to 4 candidates can participate at a time. Participation fee is 100 euro (+ VAT).
The sessions take place in the studio in Berchem (next to Antwerp, Belgium).

Examples and more information can be found on the website
Registration or further information by e-mail: