Strings Attached

Maja Houtman and Karin Kortenhorst form a special exhibition duo. Wire is both their connection and contradiction: Maja processes meters of fine wire into objects, while Karin looks for space and makes large sculptural objects. These two artists brought together in one space creates an interesting field of tension that surprises and amazes the visitor.
Maja Houtman and Karin Kortenhorst were both trained as goldsmiths at the Vakschool in Schoonhoven. After graduating they chose their own ways, leaving the classic jewelry behind. Karin went immersed herself in 3-D design. Maja specialized in filigree.

Maja Houtman (1963) became fascinated by a self-developed filigree technique. She applies her acquired knowledge and new ideas in art objects. Her work has won international awards such as the prestigious Saul Bell Award and Cheongju Craft Biennnial. Where the mythological Arachne was mistress of spinning and weaving, Maja goes one step further.

Karin Kortenhorst (1961) developed her work from making jewelry to creating monumental, spatial sculptures. She rolls, hammers and winds aluminum, copper and iron wire in her studio. This material twists, bends, hammers and hooks them in such a way that large transparent volumes are created. By framing the sky, space becomes visible.

The exhibition Strings Attached brings the two ‘wire artists’ together in dialogue and contrast. Karin and Maja made new objects especially for the exhibition.

Strings Attached
11.12.2021 – 04.10.2022 : Nederlands Zilvermuseum, Schoonhoven (NL)