Silversmithing Workshop in Leksand (Sweden) with Beate Leonards. 01 – 05 August 2016

Corpus – working from tubes

Welcome to a workshop for making usuable objects from tubes!
Using tubes when you are working in a bigger scale than jewelry can be a possibility to create corpus in the limited time of 5 days. It is not as time consuming as for example raising from sheet metal. The tubes can be found, bought, they can be self made from unrollings, they can be metal or non metal, big, small a.s.o.
You bring them with your idea or use what we offer.

Metalsmiths with different education and experiences will have the opportunity to create Corpus. The german silversmith and artist Beate Leonards will accompany/assist in the design and the technical process of making functional objects.

The course will be in the gold- and silversmithing studio of the arts and crafts school in Leksand in Sweden. The school is situated at the beautiful Lake Siljan. It is a very charming and quiet place.

Further informations about the workshop, the course fee, Beate Leonards and the school in Leksand.

Brochure in pdf