Open Up – HammerClub exhibition

The Dutch Silver Museum opens its doors with the international exhibition OPEN UP made for the annual meeting of the HammerClub. It is the first time in history that over 70 contemporary silver objects from all over the world can be seen in Schoonhoven.
The OPEN UP theme provides a wide variety of modern silver art with very distinctive contemporary design. Every silversmith uses different techniques, is creative with the use of materials or has his own vision on design. The silversmiths give behind-the-scenes insights into how the object came about with short videos. Also the silversmiths who could not send their piece due to the corona crisis show their work in a video and in the catalogue. OPEN UP is a joy for art lovers and laymen.
Take a look in the catalogue

Harry Brookhuis made a beautiful catalog of the pieces in this exhibition. The catalogue can be ordered by sending Harry an e-mail (€ 12,50 excl. shipping).

The exhibition is a collaboration with Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven on the occasion of their 125th anniversary.

02.06.2020 – 13.09.2020 : Nederlands Zilvermuseum, Schoonhoven (NL)

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