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Hier finden Sie Informationen zu den Aktivitäten des HammerClubs, empfehlenswerte Ausstellungen und Wissenswertes rund um das Thema Silber.
Here you will find information regarding the HammerClub activities, recommended exhibitions and everything to know connected with the subject silver.




  • Who uses Dutch raising So called Dutch raising is raising from the outside edge and working backwards towards the centre. This is a less known method in UK silversmithing.
  • Forum – its purpose This section of the relaunched website encourages the dialogue between silversmiths, so they can exchange information, opinions etc. the easy way.
  • Forum – some basics As the new Hammerclub site is built on Wordpress, basic knowledge on blogging or working with Wordpress or any CMS system is needed. If you’re confident with reading only, you can enjoy this website just like any other visitor. But if you want to take advantage of the more advanced options like publishing your own posts/articles/recommendations, or would ...

About us

2002 in Hamburg ins Leben gerufen als HammerClub versteht dieser sich als Interessensgemeinschaft und, das ist das Besondere, als Plattform nicht nur für Silberschmiede, sondern auch für Sammler, Museumsleute und Fachpublikum.

In 2002 the HammerClub was founded in Hamburg. It is meant as a Community of interests. What makes it so special is the fact that it is a platform not only for silversmiths but also for collectors, experts from various museums and the specialised public.

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Die bisherigen Gewinner der HammerClub-Preise im Überblick.

See the winners of the HammerClub Awards.

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Die bisherigen HammerClub-Treffen – Bilder & Informationen, nach Jahren sortiert.

HammerClub meetings so far – slide shows and information, sorted by year.

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