Looking for internship

Hello dear silversmiths,

My name is Leandra Förster and I’m 24 years old. At the moment I train as a goldsmith at the “Berufsfachschule für Glas und Schmuck Kaufbeuren – Neugablonz“, in south Germany. My studies will finish in August. Afterwards, I would like to get some experience in silversmithing too. I realized early during my studies that I’d like to expend my knowledge and gain some crafting skills in this field. Therefore I want to apply for an Erasmus+ internship for about 6 months. Since I speak fluent Spanish, it would be helpful to work in a Spanish speaking country, but generally I’m open to every country in Europe.
All in all, I’m very enthusiastic about experiencing a new surrounding, especially by working. If you are interested I would be happy to hear from you.

With kind regards,

Contact: Leandra Förster or Johannes Borst