Open Up – HammerClub exhibition

The Dutch Silver Museum opens its doors with the international exhibition OPEN UP made for the annual meeting of the HammerClub. It is the first time in history that over 70 contemporary silver objects from all over the world can be seen in Schoonhoven.
The OPEN UP theme provides a wide variety of modern silver art with very distinctive contemporary design. Every silversmith uses different techniques, is creative with the use of materials or has his own vision on design. The silversmiths give behind-the-scenes insights into how the object came about with short videos. Also the silversmiths who could not send their piece due to the corona crisis show their work in a video and in the catalogue. OPEN UP is a joy for art lovers and laymen.
Take a look in the catalogue

Harry Brookhuis made a beautiful catalog of the pieces in this exhibition. The catalogue can be ordered by sending Harry an e-mail (€ 12,50 excl. shipping).

The exhibition is a collaboration with Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven on the occasion of their 125th anniversary.

02.06.2020 – 30.08.2020 : Nederlands Zilvermuseum, Schoonhoven (NL)

Masterpieces of Delft Silver 1590-1900

From June 1, the exhibition Silver – Masterpieces of Delft Silver 1590-1900 in Museum Prinsenhof Delft is opened. The exhibition presents an overview of the most beautiful silver made in Delft from the beginning of the 17th century. On display are masterpieces from the heyday of Delft silversmithing: showpieces such as nautilus cups, drinking bowls and special table pieces from the 17th century, as well as spectacle pieces for the tea and table ceremony and precious toilet sets from the 18th century. Highlights from the leading own silver collection are supplemented with special loans from the Rijksmuseum, the Boston Museum Fine Arts and leading private collections. Due to the Corona crisis, some loans from Great Britain have not yet been transported to the Netherlands.

17th and 18th century
Absolute masterpieces were made in Delft from the end of the 16th century until the middle of the 17th century. Great masters made fantastic drinking cups, nautilus cups and table pieces for the elite. These silver masterpieces were the center of magnificent receptions. In the 18th century the silversmiths served the Delft beauty with top quality silver to the latest European fashion. The wine coolers, candlesticks, terrines, bread baskets and also the table cutlery and serving cutlery ensured that their guests were impressed.

The museum has made a virtual 360° tour through this exhibition, in which visitors can virtually walk by approximately eighty masterpieces, including nautilus cups, drinking bowls and special hollowware from the 17th and 18th centuries. The images are of an unprecedented high resolution. With six silver objects visitors can zoom in to the smallest detail and view the pieces from all sides.

The museum has taken measures to maintain sufficient distance and to offer visitors a safe and comfortable museum visit. Tickets have to be pre-ordered in the webshop of the museum.

01.06.2020 – 03.01.2021 : Museum Prinsenhof, Delft (NL).

HammerClub London 2021

The Golsmiths’ Centre has confirmed its commitment for organizing the HammerClub Meeting 2021 to take place in London (UK). More information will be published in the near future.
Das Goldsmiths’ Centre hat sein Engagement für die Organisation des HammerClub Meetings 2021 in London (UK) bestätigt. Weitere Informationen werden in naher Zukunft veröffentlicht.
If you want to be informed, you can apply for the newsletter.
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Jessica Jue – look behind the scene

In a video created for the London Craft Week Vitrual Preview in cooperation with Contemporary Britsh Silvesmith, Jessica Jue gives a behind the scenes look into her studio and demonstrates techniques key to her practice, including hammering and gilding.
Jessica reinvents traditional techniques in silver to craft elegantly beautiful contemporary designs. Inspired by balance and harmony, she draws and sculpts with dramatic use of fluid and organic curves, and aims to create a sense of rhythmic movement within her collection. She skillfully manipulates her forms through the ancient art of hammering, while also introducing an abundance of rich surface textures, through the use of pattern and gold.

Watch the video (opens in a new screen)

Gustave Keller

My name is Jonas Obadia and I am located in Paris. Recently I bought an old parisian silversmithing company called Gustave Keller. This company used to be famous back in the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. By recovering this brand, I want to create a series of items in sterling silver for daily use and to reform Gustave Keller into a contemporary brand that once again makes great silver objects for everyday life.
At the moment I am looking for silversmiths to help me effectuate some of the prototypes. If you are interested, please let me know and I will send you a presentation of the history of Gustave Keller and some project ideas.
+33 6 23 01 71 14

Looking for an internship

Hi! My name is Renee Broeksteeg, I am a thirth year silversmith student at the Vakschool in Schoonhoven (NL). I am a very curious person who loves to learn new things, hence I am looking for an internship abroad, preferably somewhere in the UK or Germany. The internship has a duration of 42 weeks, officialy starting as of April 20, 2020. If there is anyone who can help me out, please contact me!

Renee Broeksteeg
+31 6 11 58 49 88